This Time Next Year

I have been inspired by the show This Time Next Year.
I saw the first episode last night. While it will not
become one of my favorite shows, I appreciate the stories
and the inspiration they provide.
Take a moment and think about the idea of, This Time Next Year,
as it pertains to your life.

Where do you think you will be?

Where do you want to be?

How do you want to change? How do you want to grow?

First, take a few minutes undisturbed to think about your life right now. Close your eyes.

Next, imagine that when you open your eyes, the date is now Jan 17, 2019.

How is your life different? How are you different?

Do you look different? Do you feel different?

Are you pleased with your life or are you disappointed?

If you are pleased, it sounds like you set goals and you are confident that you will achieve them. If you are disappointed, it sounds like you feel stuck in the same cycle. The bigger questions…..Are you ready to change? Are you ready to commit and hold yourself to that commitment? I know I am.

In previous years, I have been emotionally motivated to change but within a few weeks I was back to my old ways.

Not because I didn’t want to change but, like a rubber band, it was easier to go back to the position that didn’t force me to face my fears or permanently change my ways.

Will this year be different? YES

Why? It has to be. I’m tired of not changing, not growing.

Here I go.

I, Claire Giovannitti, this time next year, will retire from the USAF and I will not only replace but double my monthly income. 


Are you ready to commit?

ANNOUNCE YOUR COMMITMENT, in the comments, and I will check in with you throughout the year to hold you accountable.

1-Brainstorm your dreams/goals

2- Choose 2 goals

3- Write them down

4- Make a public declaration (social media or here will do!!)

5- Reverse engineer your goals

6- Choose one step toward one of your goals…take action….TODAY!! (The smallest steps count)

7- Each day choose one to two steps toward your goals.

8- Each day you are now closer to achieving your goals