Expanding Experiences-A Trip to the Museum for Balenciaga

I often find myself sticking close to home. I talk myself out of trips. Thanks to my husband who pushed me to go, we had a wonderful evening. I had suggested we visit the Kimball Museum showing an exhibit on the designer Balenciaga called Balenciaga in Black. It was a warm and beautiful night to be out. The museum was not packed and we were able to spend time looking at each garment and sketches while also fitting in time to admire the detailed prints from Goya.

The night taught me the importance of expanding and changing my normal routine. If you need to do the same, be sure to include a friend or family member who will keep you from backing out and encourage you to try new things.
Below are some of the sketches and dresses from the exhibit. The lighting was not conducive for taking pictures from my phone, or my height put me right in line for the glare.








The Best Way to a Positive, Successful Life







Click HERE

This is the best video. I have listened to countless numbers of podcasts and webinars. I have trolled Ted Talks. I have shelves packed with books. This video says what I learned from hours and days of materials. WATCH IT. Tell me what you think. SHARE the link.  enjoy!!!

This is a MUST

Why talk about musts?
The word itself can be a little off putting.
No one likes a must, unless we are using it on others!
The beauty of talking about musts is that it can
help you in all areas of your life, mind and body.
Each day, there are a multitude of musts that
you accomplish without questioning it.
You brush your teeth
Put on clean clothes
Read your email or text messages
The key to a more powerful life is harnessing
the power of your daily musts and using them
to accomplish other challenges in your life.
What if you are struggling with drinking enough
water each day.
Before you brush your teeth, which you must,
you drink one glass of water and THEN you are
allowed to brush your teeth.
What if you are avoiding making an appointment
for a medical test (mammogram/colonoscopy) or
you are avoiding making an important phone call
for your job or future career.
Try This…
Before you can go to lunch or before you can leave
the office at the end of the day, you tell yourself
you MUST make the important phone call.
Once you accomplish the task you have been avoiding,
you will wonder why it took you so long.
The outcome is usually more positive than you anticipate.


The Advantage of Numbers

I’ve been thinking a lot about numbers lately.
Numbers are important in our daily life.
The price of goods.
The time it takes to accomplish tasks.
Blood pressure.
The amount of money saved.
The time frame set on goals.
What numbers do you focus on?
Do you use them to make your life better?
Take a few moments to think of numbers that can help you.
This week I am tracking my productivity.
Daily and weekly review will allow me to
see where I am progressing and where
I can improve.
If you are looking for a way to track your progress online
or on a printable form, check out this website which
is full of many free templates, HERE


This Time Next Year

I have been inspired by the show This Time Next Year.
I saw the first episode last night. While it will not
become one of my favorite shows, I appreciate the stories
and the inspiration they provide.
Take a moment and think about the idea of, This Time Next Year,
as it pertains to your life.

Where do you think you will be?

Where do you want to be?

How do you want to change? How do you want to grow?

First, take a few minutes undisturbed to think about your life right now. Close your eyes.

Next, imagine that when you open your eyes, the date is now Jan 17, 2019.

How is your life different? How are you different?

Do you look different? Do you feel different?

Are you pleased with your life or are you disappointed?

If you are pleased, it sounds like you set goals and you are confident that you will achieve them. If you are disappointed, it sounds like you feel stuck in the same cycle. The bigger questions…..Are you ready to change? Are you ready to commit and hold yourself to that commitment? I know I am.

In previous years, I have been emotionally motivated to change but within a few weeks I was back to my old ways.

Not because I didn’t want to change but, like a rubber band, it was easier to go back to the position that didn’t force me to face my fears or permanently change my ways.

Will this year be different? YES

Why? It has to be. I’m tired of not changing, not growing.

Here I go.

I, Claire Giovannitti, this time next year, will retire from the USAF and I will not only replace but double my monthly income. 


Are you ready to commit?

ANNOUNCE YOUR COMMITMENT, in the comments, and I will check in with you throughout the year to hold you accountable.

1-Brainstorm your dreams/goals

2- Choose 2 goals

3- Write them down

4- Make a public declaration (social media or here will do!!)

5- Reverse engineer your goals

6- Choose one step toward one of your goals…take action….TODAY!! (The smallest steps count)

7- Each day choose one to two steps toward your goals.

8- Each day you are now closer to achieving your goals