How to Get Back on Track

It only takes a day to throw you off your progress. Once you have a good momentum going it is very important to keep it going. Today was that day for me. First, acknowledge you are off your schedule. I took a long nap in the middle of the day and woke up feeling hours behind, because I was. I shook it off and got back to my planner and to do list. The other thing that is helpful for me is to have phrases that speak to me. I am the youngest of four and was often reminded that I could take more initiative (I was lazy) so the words, “I am not lazy” motivates me. The other phrase I picked up from Brendon Burchard’s wife, Denise, is “I want to do a good job”. What are the words that motivate you?

It is up to you to keep yourself motivated and on track. Unless you meet with a team or partner on a daily basis it could be weeks before anyone notices your decline. Keep a detailed day planner with a full “to do” list. Consider trying the planner from Brendon Burchard, High Performance Planner, which includes daily morning and evening questions which can keep you focused with daily reminders to keep you from sliding back. Remember, this is never just about you. Who is counting on you?

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