Make Time for Friends

One of my realizations as I entered this year was I rarely reached out to friends. I waited for others to organize lunch dates and get togethers. I am not an introvert but I am happy to be at home or go out by myself. I need to get better at building relationships. I need to learn to share my time with others. Last week I asked three ladies to go out to lunch. It was good to hear that everyone could make it. We tried a new restaurant, enjoyed catching up and promised to see each other sooner. That will go into my datebook as a reminder. It is easy for time to pass by quickly.
I have set a goal for myself to reach out to two more people this month to spend time with. Is it strange to make goals to hang out with people? It might be for some people but as this is one of the areas in my life I identified as needing improvement, any way I intentionally work to make this better is all that matters. If I leave my relationships to take care of themselves as I have done in the past, I will not be the best person I can be and how else will I help others who might need an ear, a hug or more. I challenge you to make time to get together with a friend.

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