New Year, New Goals and Resources

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A New Year has crept up on many of us. An opportunity to create new goals, dreams. There are a multitude of resources to tell us how to create goals and others to tell us we are doing it wrong. It can be challenging enough to focus on the “right” goals and set them up in the “right” way and then to find out you’re doing it wrong. Hence the reason so many people give up on New Years goals. I like a little inspiration along with a little bit of structure. I am a sucker for a handout.

My first favorite resource this year for being both inspirational and thought provoking questions is Lara Casey with Cultivate What Matters. Her website and products are fun, colorful and she injects enough of her personal life to make it even more interesting.
I have not bought her “Power Sheets” because it is a little too colorful and sticker like for me but I LOVE the lists of goal setting questions she has created. If you don’t have time to read the long posts she has kindly included an audio transcript.

Cultivate What Matters Goal Setting Link

My second, but really my most favorite resource this year is Brendon Burchard, #TransformationWeek, on his new website High Performance Life (#hpxlife). He has joined with his wife on this new adventure. In the past, they worked on separate business projects. They just moved to Puerto Rico from the Northwest and who could blame them. What I like is that each day has a video and a downloadable worksheet. Jump on as soon as you can so you can view Day 1 which contains a ton of information and a very detailed questionnaire which is so long that it is taking me days to consume and fill in.

High Performance Life Transformation Week Link


I love Brendon for his knowledge, his energy and his books. My favorite book is Life’s Golden Ticket which is a story with a great lesson. I also like High Performance Habits. The Motivation Manifesto is good but, another one of his works that I have had to digest in small amounts. This year, he published a planner which I am enjoying. It has its limitations and I’m not convinced I’ll buy enough to last through the year. The questions each day get to be a bit much but it is probably what I need which is why it bothers me!! Honestly, I have never found one planner that meets all of my needs. One of these days I am going to create my own calendar/journal. If you want to give Brendon’s a try you can find it on, High Performance Planner Link It is currently on sale for $14.99. Each book lasts 2 months and comes in a variety of fun colors.

Did you find any goal setting videos or programs that have helped you? I would love to hear all about it.

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