Expanding Experiences-A Trip to the Museum for Balenciaga

I often find myself sticking close to home. I talk myself out of trips. Thanks to my husband who pushed me to go, we had a wonderful evening. I had suggested we visit the Kimball Museum showing an exhibit on the designer Balenciaga called Balenciaga in Black. It was a warm and beautiful night to be out. The museum was not packed and we were able to spend time looking at each garment and sketches while also fitting in time to admire the detailed prints from Goya.

The night taught me the importance of expanding and changing my normal routine. If you need to do the same, be sure to include a friend or family member who will keep you from backing out and encourage you to try new things.
Below are some of the sketches and dresses from the exhibit. The lighting was not conducive for taking pictures from my phone, or my height put me right in line for the glare.