This is a MUST

Why talk about musts?
The word itself can be a little off putting.
No one likes a must, unless we are using it on others!
The beauty of talking about musts is that it can
help you in all areas of your life, mind and body.
Each day, there are a multitude of musts that
you accomplish without questioning it.
You brush your teeth
Put on clean clothes
Read your email or text messages
The key to a more powerful life is harnessing
the power of your daily musts and using them
to accomplish other challenges in your life.
What if you are struggling with drinking enough
water each day.
Before you brush your teeth, which you must,
you drink one glass of water and THEN you are
allowed to brush your teeth.
What if you are avoiding making an appointment
for a medical test (mammogram/colonoscopy) or
you are avoiding making an important phone call
for your job or future career.
Try This…
Before you can go to lunch or before you can leave
the office at the end of the day, you tell yourself
you MUST make the important phone call.
Once you accomplish the task you have been avoiding,
you will wonder why it took you so long.
The outcome is usually more positive than you anticipate.